Spiritually Speaking: Tips to JUST SAY NO TO OVERWORKING

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

I was sooooo much happier and focused, and even compassionate, during finals grading as I had something to look forward to and work on a bit—something for me. Stopping overwork. Huge challenge, but huge payoffs--for all.

On the practical side, here are things I don’t want to forget. (As my husband, Brett, would say, my “Note to Future Me.”)

Grading portfolios—setting a timer for a few minutes short of each goal for each section—then must finish in the remaining time. Dear Jen Sincero in her Badass books (check out the audio versions to hear her wonderful, snarky--and yes, at times foul-mouthed--self) reminds us that brains love to chunk things down but get overwhelmed at huge tasks. Setting a timer for a set amount of time (ha! That was repetitively, overly redundant!) to finish grading one part of one portfolio, and then another, and another, helps me keep a reasonable pace, and not to provide too much feedback, which as some have told me can be daunting.

And… “Amen Jen!” (my nickname for her) reminds us that tasks expand or contract according to the amount of time we have to give them. Huge classes get reasonable amounts of feedback, but smaller classes, well...let’s just say they probably get too much feedback. ;-)

For final portfolios I don’t need to record every thought about every aspect of every piece of work. I can speak in person /phone/Zoom if students want details about their work--and they’ve already received lots of feedback via drafts.

So ultimately...I need to practice what I preach--Keep It Simple...for Students. ;-) I know these aren’t earth-shattering tips, but it’s bizarre how I can lose the forest for the trees when I’m in the woods--and/or weeds, as we servers used to say.

Gotta take breaks, too, even during stressful moments of getting in final grades. I have SO ENJOYED taking the time to READ and to work with AUTHORS, TEACHERS, LIBRARY MEDIA SPECIALISTS, especially Christina Dorr and Stephanie Bange, this round of grading whilst working on WORDBridge Now. I’m a balanced, happy camper at the moment.

Thank you, GOD, CHRIST, SPIRIT!!!

In the spirit of using words as bridges,


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