Icy Windshields & Privilege

Icy Windshields & Privilege WORDBridge Now Angie Beumer Johnson

Happy 2021!

Happy? This moment of 2021? Not thus far, you may be thinking. Agreed--it’s a both/and situation once again. While there’s plenty to be very concerned about, we hurt ourselves (& others) by drawing our focus away from positives.

Since COVID struck, both my husband, Brett, and I are working from home, so we graciously allow our son, Hayden, to put his car in the garage. ;-) I yearned for the simple comfort of not having to scrape my car one morning when I headed to a doc appointment.

As I drove, I found myself getting a lil’ annoyed with those privileged drivers I passed who clearly didn’t have to scrape the ice and brush the snow off their cars. Huh, I thought. Funny how I never thought of that before.

The stream of my thoughts drifted to empathy in general: How much more was I overlooking that other people have to deal with every day that I don’t? From seemingly superficial to deeply intense privileges, a morning of scraping made me pause.

In 2021 I wish you moments of goodness and moments of insight in the not-so-good moments.

In the spirit of words as bridges,


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