About WORDBridge Now
Angie Beumer Johnson, Ph.D., Founder

Over the years I've become more and more concerned about teachers' personal well-being due to increasing demands of collecting data, meeting to analyze data, and teaching upwards of 100 students, many of whom experience toxic stress, trauma, and poverty. Beyond the classroom, our world has seen an increase in the number of hate groups[1] as well as increasingly volatile speech and actions in the population in general.

In response to these concerns, I founded WORDBridge Now℠, LLC, to offer ongoing personal enrichment for teachers--well beyond traditional, one-and-done professional development. WORDBridge Now℠ combines exhilaration from visits from beloved authors, epiphanies from knowledgeable guest speakers, and enthusiasm from our community of fellow teachers. WORDBridge Now℠ is grassroots, participatory, and unique.

Authors and speakers share not only their expertise, but also their experiences. Teachers share not only their successes, but also their challenges. Together we explore the ways our classrooms can be not only spaces of connection, civility, and empathy, but also sites of social justice to confront hatred and oppression.

Through WORDBridge Now℠ we feed our minds, hearts, and souls so we can in turn nourish our students who hunger for the hope and joy that the English language arts can provide.


[1] The Southern Poverty Law Center notes “a 55 percent increase since 2017” for white nationalist groups. https://www.splcenter.org/news/2020/03/18/year-hate-and-extremism-2019


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